I am getting an error

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SRINIDH SUJAY on 24 Feb 2021
Error : "check the folder permissions and whether there is sufficient space matlab" in online Matlab,( I am a beginner at Matlab)
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Rik on 24 Feb 2021
Edited: Rik on 24 Feb 2021
Why are you in that folder? You should never put your own files in folders that Matlab uses. The best case scenario is problems like your error message, the worst case scenario is that you break your installation of Matlab (which might or might not be easy to fix).

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Sai Veeramachaneni
Sai Veeramachaneni on 2 Mar 2021
Try navigating to different folder and repeat the intended action.
A quick fix is to type below command in command window and try saving the file
cd ../'MATLAB Drive'/
Hope it helps.


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