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Need help with this integral ? what is opstruct in integralcalc?

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Hira Asif
Hira Asif on 19 Feb 2021
Answered: David Goodmanson on 19 Feb 2021
q= integral(fun,0,500);
s= integral(fun_2,0,500);
tau= q./s;
plot(tau,f,'linewidth', 1.5)
Error in integral (line 88)
Q = integralCalc(fun,a,b,opstruct);
Error in Lifetimeof_plasmon (line 66)
s= integral(fun_2,0,500);

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David Goodmanson
David Goodmanson on 19 Feb 2021
Hello HA
I assume N is defined further on up since Matlab was not complaining about that. Try
and see what happens

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