Why \n or newline doesn't work ?

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Lucas S
Lucas S on 17 Feb 2021
Commented: Lucas S on 17 Feb 2021
Hello !
I'm trying to concatenate a newline between 2 string and then put the entire string in the description of the block using :
Equation = strcat(Equation, sprintf("\n"), Equation2); %Or newline instead of sprintf("\n")
But it concatenate the 2 strings without the newline.
Do someone know why ?
Thanks for the help!

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 17 Feb 2021
"Do someone know why ?"
The documentation states "For character array inputs, strcat removes trailing ASCII white-space characters: space, tab, vertical tab, newline, carriage return, and form feed." It also suggests the workaround in the nest sentence: "For cell and string array inputs, strcat does not remove trailing white space."
strcat(Equation, {sprintf("\n")}, Equation2)
% ^ ^ scalar cell array

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