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how to consider two errors (frequency and current error) in a single PI-controller?

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kushal  shrestha
kushal shrestha on 6 May 2013
Answered: Joel Van Sickel on 11 Dec 2020
i am making an electronic load controller that is the substitute for the mechanical governor for the microhydropower plants in developing countries. but i am having problem to balance the generator current and frequency both at once. so how to balance two parameters at once using pi controller or any other alternative if possible using matlab simulink.

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 11 Dec 2020
You could technically 'try' use a single PI controller for multiple inputs by doing a weighted sum of the two values, but this is not recommended. Instead, it is best to have a more complex control system to do this. For conveters, this is often two seperate loops, one being voltage, and one being current. As you are doing frequency control, you could use this approach with some modifications. However, as frequency control is very standardized for grid applications it doesn't make sense to reinvent the wheel. Instead, look at some of the shipping examples that are relevant to your task. They have prebuilt control algorithms in them that you can use as a starting point.

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