Troubles plotting y==0 using fimplicit

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I have troubles to use fimplicit function to plot two simple functions defined implicitly:
syms x y
Apparently, the solution set for the second equation (y==0) is not plotted correctly. If x is understood by the function as the horizontal axis, which is suggested by seeing a vertical graph for the x==0 equation, the graph for the y==0 equation should be a horizontal line and it is not:
Strangely enough, if the function definining the equation is only slightly perturbed, the problem dissapears
axis([-5 5 -5 5])

Accepted Answer

Raynier Suresh
Raynier Suresh on 19 Feb 2021
Hi, you could try the below code
fimplicit(@(x,y) x);hold on;fimplicit(@(x,y) y)

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