how to save data into same excel sheet after each iteration

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i want to store data (matrix form, X_dim = 1200x49 and Y_dim = 1200x49) from my current MATLAB program into an excel sheet.
Then for the next iteration i want to save the data in same sheet from row 1201.
can anyone help please. I saw several answers but i am confused.
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dpb on 14 Feb 2021
You'll have to keep track of the row number that you need for the 'Range' value each iteration.
compose may be of interest/help in creating that output range string from the current calculated number.

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Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes on 15 Feb 2021
You can try writetable/writecell/writematrix with the 'WriteMode','append' parameter.
This is a fairly recent addition though. Not sure which release.


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