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Sparse of symbolic matrix

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I have a matrix that contains a lot of zero elements and some elements are symbolic. I aim to compute its inverse. It's possible to find the "sparse" of a symbolic matrix to speed the computation of inverse?

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 11 Feb 2021
Sorry, but NO.
Sparse storage does not applly to symbolic matrices. Even if it did, this would virtually not help you to speed things up by more then a fraction of a millisecond. The computation bottleneck with symbolic problems is a huge one, but it comes down to the huge complexity of the terms that you generate. And that is true even for small matrices, where sparse storage would be a complete waste of time. In fact, trying to use sparse here, even if it was possible, would actually slow things down if anything.
So sorry, but no. Sparse would be a waste of effort.

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