How do I add 2 Y axis to my MATLAB Plot?

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Bharath Lohray
Bharath Lohray on 1 May 2013
I have now successfully managed to add a 2D plot along with a surface plot. See image below -
Now my problem is that the range of the 2D plot is so high that the 3D plot is shrunk to look like nothing more than a plane on the ceiling. It is supposed to have variations like the figure in the question I have lined above.
How do I provide a different Y axis for the 2D plot so that the 3D plot is not shrunk like it is here.

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Babak on 1 May 2013
Look up
in the documentation.
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Bharath Lohray
Bharath Lohray on 1 May 2013
As I understand plotyy(), it is meant for 2D plots only and not for 3D plots.

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