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Weird fitting result from using 'ksdensity'

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Yiran Chang
Yiran Chang on 10 Feb 2021
Commented: Yiran Chang on 12 Feb 2021
I have a histogram of frequency distribution (pic 1), theoretical there could be more than one peak, so I used ksdensity for fitting. But I got a reallly weird fitting.(pic 2)
code I used:
x = [Tracks.norm_amp];
[f,xi] = ksdensity(x,'kernel','normal','support','positive');
hold on
It wil be great if someone can help me! Thanks a lot!

Accepted Answer

Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller on 11 Feb 2021
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Yiran Chang
Yiran Chang on 12 Feb 2021
Worked! I really appreciate your help!

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