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can we run codes from 2nd line onwards?

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I am running my codes externally i.e. calling one *.m file from another using "run(filename)" command.
Can I call this run(filename) from 2nd line onwards or can i skip few lines?
As first line contains clear command, it clears all the previous variables.
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Stephen23 on 9 Feb 2021
"As first line contains clear command, it clears all the previous variables."
A much better solution would be to write functions instead of scripts.
And avoid programmatic use of clear, which is massively overused by beginners and yet rarely required.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Feb 2021
Not exactly. You cannot tell MATLAB to skip the first line of a file during run(). However, you can read the content of the file, remove the first line, and execute that content.
temporary_string = fileread(filename);
temporary_string = regexprep(temporary_string, '^[^\n]*\n', ''); %delete first line
Strictly speaking, this is not equivalent to run(), in that run cd's to the directory the file is in but this code does not do that. That makes a difference in search paths -- for example if there was a private/ directory in the folder the file is stored in, then run() would use the functions in the private/ folder, but the above code will not.
@Walter Roberson Sir i misunderstood the question, thanks for clarification!
Rik on 9 Feb 2021
Just a note: as the default encoding for .m files is now UTF-8, using fileread might result in incorrect values of strings/chars.

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