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graph show actions of users with date

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huda nawaf
huda nawaf on 23 Apr 2013
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
if I have dataset consist of users, those users have actions between 1-9-1997 to 1-9-2009.
My work require to divide this period into three sub_periods, so get:
first period from 1-9-1997 to 1-9-2001
second period from 2-9-2001 to 1-9-2005
third period from 2-9-2005 to 1-9-2009
some users have actions in first period , some others have actions in secnd period, and other in third period.
Of course these three periods have common users.
What I need is get graph show me the date in axis x and id's of users in axis y. in fact I want show users who have actions in the three periods graphically
how do that?
thanks in advance

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