how to change a variable value in the middle of simulation in simulink

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I am giving pulse to a mosfet through pulse generator and i want to vary the pulse witdth to another value after 2 sec. How can i do it in simulink
kesava rao
kesava rao on 28 Jan 2021
Thank u for responding
here in pulse generator i assigned P=80 in call back -int function
after 1 sec i want to change it to p=30 ...can you show a way to change

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Answers (1)

Birdman on 28 Jan 2021
Edited: Birdman on 28 Jan 2021
Try the attached model. Copy the structure and replace it with the pulse generation block. It should work. Instead of writing p inside the constant block, just write the numerical value, 80 or 30.

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