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MultiObjectTracker in For Each Subsystem block, Simulink

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Johan Fanas
Johan Fanas on 25 Jan 2021
Commented: Johan Fanas on 5 Feb 2021
I am trying to use the MultiObjectTracker block with data coming from ROS nodes in Simulink. The message subscribed to contains a list of objects and I am trying to put the data in the correct Bus format and feed it to the MultiObjectTracker block, but I keep getting an error that the MultiObjectTracker cannot be used in a For Loop and it suggets that I should use 'supportsMultipleInstanceImpl'. I am not really sure what this does and how to use it. In the documentation it says it returns a flags equals to true, but I don't know how that is going to help me use the MultiObjectTracker. Here is a screenshot of the error.
Any suggestions on how to fix this issue or another approach I should take to use the MultiObjectTracker block with data coming from ROS nodes.
Johan Fanas
Johan Fanas on 5 Feb 2021
Hi Prashant,
I fixed my issue a few days ago, but thanks. I did same as you stated. I was trying to iterate through the detection because I had to format the data coming from the sensors so the Multi Object tracker doesn't give me an error. For example, ObstableID, Measurement, MeasurementParameters, etc. I fixed it by iterating through the data (while maintaining the tracker outside the for loop) and then feeding the data.

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