How can I get a script to run at a certain time every day using Windows 10 Task Scheduler?

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I am trying to get a script to run at the same time every day using the Task Scheduler program on a computer running Windows 10.
When I put the entire path to the script (C:\Users\Lab\Documents\MATLAB\work\JK\detectbouts\my_script.m) in the Program/script box, Matlab opens and gives me the following warning, but the script does not execute:
"Warning: Name is nonexistent or not a directory: C:\Users\Lab\AppData\Local\Temp\Editor_rstil". There is no "AppData" folder, and I'm not sure why this warning pops up.
I have also tried putting "matlab" into the Program/script box, and "-r C:\Users\Lab\Documents\MATLAB\work\JK\detectbouts\my_script.m" with the same result.
How can I get this script to actually run?

Accepted Answer

Deepak Meena
Deepak Meena on 27 Jan 2021
Hi Jonathan,
The command should be
matlab.exe -r "run <filePath>"
so in your case , command should be
matlab.exe -r "run C:\Users\Lab\Documents\MATLAB\work\JK\detectbouts\my_script.m"
Put this command in Program/Script box. I tried the steps above and it worked for me.
This would launch the MATLAB at the scheduled time and would run that script.
If you want to run the MATLAB session in the background , use the argument like -nodesktop and -nodisplay

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