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Problem Statement: Multi-class classification (3 classes)
Approach: Classification learner app - Ensemble (bagged trees) and SVM (cubic) are showing better results
Question: Using the parameters in the trained model, is there a way to develop an equation which can predict the classes? In other words, how to use the parameters in the trained model to make new predictions instead of directly using predict command? I need an equation to use it for control design. (Models are attached).
Sadaf Batool
Sadaf Batool on 17 Jan 2021
I want to know the procedure that MATLAB adopts for classification using the parameters of the trained model. I want to know how these parameters are used for the prediction of the class.
Yes, I will be using the equation in MATLAB.

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Accepted Answer

Raynier Suresh
Raynier Suresh on 22 Jan 2021
One way is to take the equation from the documentation and replace the variable with the parameters from the trained model. You can refer the below links to know about the equation's

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