What is the preferred way to interface MATLAB with SPICE?

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I have a lot of experience with MATLAB, and very little experience with SPICE (did some stuff back in university). I'd like to setup a simulation in matlab involving some electronic circuits, and preferably be able to change parameters and plot results from MATLAB. I have googled this but did not find anything conclusive?

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ngadiyar93 on 21 May 2020
You can check this link for Matlab to LTSpice: https://github.com/ngadiyar93/Matlab2LTSpice

Gerard on 3 Feb 2017
We have customers who work a lot with Spice simulation and Matlab. In general the Spice simulation is done by one of the numerous commercial simulators or an open source simulator like NgSpice. The the simulation results can then be read by a specialized toolbox and processed in Matlab. You can find some simple solutions for reading simulation outputs on stackexchange:
We have wrapped our C/C++ solution in a Matlab toolbox for our customers who use Matlab for post-processing, model extraction and characterization. This toolbox is little more complicated to use but it can handle many different file formats, it can handle huge files and it is quite fast. You can find further informations at

Saif Awwad
Saif Awwad on 8 May 2015
The circuit description must be compiled by SPICE. You can use MATLAB to generate such circuit description, compile the circuit in SPICE and then use SPICE's log files to plot results in MATLAB.
The issue depends on what kind of simulation/plot you are targeting. Let me know more details and maybe I can be of some help.


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