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simple program to run a servo motor using matlab-arduino uno.

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vishnu andavar
vishnu andavar on 17 Apr 2013
sloution: Matlab Code if true % code end arduino = serial('COM21','BaudRate',9600); % Set ComPort
pause(2.0) % this is very important! arduino needs a little time to initialise the fopen command, because it resets it!
fprintf(arduino,'%s','p9m179g'); %servo on pin 9 to 179 degree
fclose(arduino); delete(arduino) clear arduino
Arduino code: if true % code end #include Servo.h
//DECLARATION--------------------- Servo servo1;
//SETUP---------------------------- void setup() {
//LOOP-------------------------------- void loop() {
if( Serial.available() )
int x =;


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Bhuvnesh Rathor
Bhuvnesh Rathor on 17 Aug 2020
Servo Motor are likewise called Control motors and utilized in feedback control systems as yield actuators. Its newer use for continuous energy transmission or conversion. The standard of the Servo motor is like that of the other electromagnetic motor, yet the development and the activity are extraordinary.


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