output table with different variable lengths

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I would like to output the following variables into one table within excel.
When I run my code I can only get it to work when I do not include the 'phata_values' when creating the table (as written in code below).
I think it will not work when I add the 'phata_values' into the table because it shows that it has 334 columns of data; where as the DivPar_x and DivPar_y both have 336 columns of data. Is this where the error could be coming from? If so, how do I make it so the three variables can be the same size of array lengths [1 x 336]
Is there a way to re-configure the table so it is not printing: 1 row and 336 columns but 1 column and 336 rows?
Thank you for your assistance!
% to get phata need to take derivative
phata2_Y_diverging = diff(Y_2);
phata2_X_diverging = diff(x_b);
phata3_Y_parabala = diff(Y_3);
phata3_X_parabala = diff(X_3);
% create table to output to excel
DivPar_x =[x_b, X_3]; % [1 x 336 double]
DivPar_y = [Y_2, Y_3]; % [1 x 336 double]
phata_values = [phataY./phataX]; % [1 x 334]
T = table([DivPar_x; DivPar_y])
%% T = table([DivPar_x; DivPar_y; phata_values]) --> produces an error / will not output to excel
writetable(T, 'test2.xlsx')

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Jan 2021
Use gradient() instead of your current diff() based system. The output will be the same size as the input.

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