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reverb effect in MATLAB

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adnan abid
adnan abid on 8 Jan 2021
Commented: adnan abid on 11 Jan 2021
I am new to matlab. i want to know if i have a audio file how will i add reverb effect to it. All i could find out by now is that matlab already has a function for that if anyone could help with this i would be really thankful


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Accepted Answer

jibrahim on 11 Jan 2021
Hi Adnan,
You can accomplish this with the reverberator object in Audio Toolbox:
Here is an example where you read a signal from a file and add reverb to it:
[audioIn, fs] = audioread('speech_dft.mp3');
r = reverberator('SampleRate',fs);
audioOut = r(audioIn);
See the ref page for information about reverberation parameters you can set.

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adnan abid
adnan abid on 11 Jan 2021
thank you so much for your help

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