UNC Permissions woes - cannot MEX to shared resource

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Hello all and thanks for reading.
The environment is WinTel workgroup with a UNC NAS device as a shared resource. In short, the file shares are granted all permissions to Everyone.
At the desktop, from within Matlab I can create and delete files at the share (tested by making a zip file in a UNC folder).
When I try and mex a file within this same folder, I am presented with:
Warning: MEX could not move generated files back to UNC path. Check permissions or security of '\\DEVICE\Folder\someFileCPP'. > In mex_helper>moveFilesBackToUNCPathAndRMDirAndCDBackToOrigPWD at 160 In mex_helper>@()moveFilesBackToUNCPathAndRMDirAndCDBackToOrigPWD(tempLoc,origPWD) at 105 In onCleanup>onCleanup.delete at 61 In mex_helper at 53 In mex at 204
The file compiles properly locally. There is no evidence of permission issues in logs at either the NAS device or the PC. Any thoughts?
(I've also tried launching MatLab "Run as Administrator" with the same results). If the inability to create / destroy a file within the MatLab IDE was also evident, it would make some sense.
I'm guessing the mex'ing is running as an account that is different than MatLab itself but cannot see any evidence of it.

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