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How can I use Button Down Callback Function in buttons of app designer?

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wetlab Technion
wetlab Technion on 7 Jan 2021
I am trying to combine drag and drop features in my GUI, it means that I can drag components (push button) to speciic panels in the igure and I can create new components, I can move them, and delete them.
I started with the Guide option to build the gui and I used the callback function of WindowButtonUpFcn function for releasing the component in specific place,
Now I am trying to do the same thing with the app designer option and I use the uibutton component but there is no option of WindowButtonUpFcn in this component the only option of call back is ButtonPushedFcn when I click on the component with the mouse, is there any option to add a callback properties to the uibutton like WindowButtonUpFcn?
or maybe there is another compnent of designer that I can use or this goal.
I am using matlab 2020B
Thanks in advance




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