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Help remove unconnected small pixel from image

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Hello, maybe this question have been ask from other people, but i not fully understand how this code work. when i combine with my code it appear "index exceeds the number of array element" . can u help fix my code and help me understand the function

Accepted Answer

Uday Pradhan
Uday Pradhan on 7 Jan 2021
I found the mistake at line 132 of the code you have attached. If you notice, grayImage is already a binary image so thresholding it this way, will lead to binaryImage being a logical array with only zeros, hence the error.
% Threshold the image to binarize it.
binaryImage = grayImage > 100;
I believe you can just take:
% Threshold the image to binarize it.
binaryImage = grayImage ;
and then run the code to get the largest extracted blob. I hope this helps!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 8 Jun 2022
You can now use bwareafilt instead of that ExtractNLargestBlobs() function I wrote (before bwareafilt was available) that you are using.
largestBlob = bwareafilt(binaryImage, 1); % Take largest blob only.

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