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Why I get this error for my code?Error: File: Untitled2.m Line: 10 Column: 8

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clear all
Fs = 360; % Sampling Frequency
Fnotch = 0.67; % Notch Frequency
BW = 5; % Bandwidth
Apass = 1; % Bandwidth Attenuation
[b, a] = iirnotch (Fnotch/ (Fs/2), BW/(Fs/2), Apass);
Hd = dfilt.df2 (b, a);
x=load ('100.txt');
x1=x (:, 2);
x2=x1. / max(x1);
Subplot (3, 1, 1), plot(x2), grid on
y0=filter (Hd, x2);
Subplot (3, 1, 2), plot(y0),
noise (baswline wander) Removed'), grid on
Fnotch = 60; % Notch Frequency
BW = 120; % Bandwidth
Apass = 1; % Bandwidth Attenuation
[b, a] = iirnotch (Fnotch/ (Fs/2), BW/ (Fs/2), Apass);
Hd1 = dfilt.df2 (b, a);
y1=filter (Hd1, y0);
Subplot (3, 1, 3), plot (y1), title , grid on

Accepted Answer

per isakson
per isakson on 3 Jan 2021
x2=x1. / max(x1);
x2=x1 ./ max(x1);
Be careful with where you add spaces
per isakson
per isakson on 4 Jan 2021
Which release of Matlab do you use? I use R2018b.
Understand - why do you believe that load should find 100.txt ?
Matlab looks for files in the current folder and in folders, which are on the Search Path. See What Is the MATLAB Search Path?
In what folder is 100.txt and is that folder the current folder or on the Search Path?

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