choropleth map on webmap

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Muhammad Dzulfikr Islami
Muhammad Dzulfikr Islami on 24 Dec 2020
I have written a programm to create choropleth map using geoshow. how can i overlay polygon with the colorbar on a webmap? maybe using wmpolygon functions

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Sarvani Panguluri
Sarvani Panguluri on 29 Dec 2020
Could you give more details on purpose of creating a choropleth map and then trying to overlay on webmap? If you just want to display polygons as overlay on webmap , you can use geoshape and wmpolygon. For detailed explaination, you can refer this example.
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Muhammad Dzulfikr Islami
Muhammad Dzulfikr Islami on 29 Dec 2020
i want to make the polygon facecolor based on a value which is a number variable, so like choropleth. I have made an Animation from chropleth map, but i dont know if i can overlay the polygon from choroplet within its color, and colorbar

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