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Best way to truncate imported data so the plot displays the area of interest

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I'm writing a simple script that runs a massive amount of data (over a million rows) through two equations and plots the results. What I need is a way to have matlab chop off a good portion of the beginning and end of the data without editing the original .csv file or going through and doing so while importing the data. Right now it's not plotting enough of the data to reach the point of interest. I was advised to try a premade function called getArrayEditorBrushCache to have it brush the parts of data I want but I'm pretty new to matlab and I'm not sure how to set that function up for use. Does anyone know any easy way around this? This will eventually be turned into a GUI.

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per isakson
per isakson on 23 Dec 2020
Edited: per isakson on 23 Dec 2020
One simple interactive way (R2018b)
%% some data
noise = rand( 0.5e6, 1 );
roi = 4.5*sin( (1:5e3)/(20*pi) )';
data = [ noise; roi; noise ];
x = 0.2 * ( 1 : numel(data) )';
plot( x, data )
creates this figure. Clicking in the diagram displays the tool-buttons in the upper right corner.
Click the leftmost tool and select the interesting part. (Print screen doesn't capture all details.)
Right click in the selected area and choose Remove Unbrushed
Repeat the above step to narrow down the region
And click in the diagram to remove the "brushing". Done!
Next see App Building and search the File Exchange for tag:slider and more.

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