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I'm trying to understand the GenerateParameterDataForDatasheetBatteryBlockExample example.
I'm stumped on the syntax of: ref_curr = current == current(ref_exp);
What is that statement doing?
And I'm stumped by how the script runs. If I run the entire script, it runs fine. If I try to run the section that contains that line, it generates an error. How is that possible?

Answers (1)

Uday Pradhan
Uday Pradhan on 14 Dec 2020
Hi Craig,
I assume that you are trying to run the script "GenerateParameterDataForDatasheetBatteryBlockExample.m" by using the command:
Now in this example: "current" is a 1 by 11 vector and ref_exp is 2, so the line:
ref_curr = current == current(ref_exp);
simply means that ref_curr is a 1 by 11 logical vector defined as:
ref_curr(idx) is 1 if and only if current(idx) is equal to the value current(ref_exp)
else, ref_curr(idx) is 0, where 1 <= idx <= 11.
Now, for the second part of your question: I did not encounter any errors while running the sections progressively. Could you share the error you encountered?


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