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Text extraction from a binary image

I am doing a project to read the data on a calculator screen via image processing. I need to make the image binary in such a way that only the digits in the image appear black and the rest is white. Can I do it with any image enhancement tool? Please suggest. Can somebody do it for me?
The link to the image is -
Thanks in advance

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There is no image in that link,it is saying doesn't exist.

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Answer by Chandra Shekhar on 29 Mar 2013
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use 'histeq' function for enhancement or use 'adapthisteq' by choosing proper clipping range.
After applying this method convert to binary.


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I tried applying histeq but neighboring regions other than the digits are also turning out to the black which is undesirable. What to do?
I applied adapthisteq and converted to binary but I am getting dark patches like -
Please advise how to remove the dark regions
See my answer to your duplicate question. I got the numbers out of there using color segmentation and some standard image processing to clean up some noise. I didn't even have to do background correction. You should not accept an answer if it didn't answer your question.

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