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Vehicle Speed Monitoring System

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Wen Yin Tay
Wen Yin Tay on 10 Dec 2020
Answered: Siddhant Dange on 16 Jul 2021
I am developing the system that is monitoring the vehicle speed. I am using NI-XNET 8052 to get the signal from the vehicle with the help of Vehicle Network Toolbox. So far, I have identified the Standard CAN ID for the vehicle speed, as we can see from the picture below, the red box highlighted the vehicle speed. For now, I am not sure how to read the bit value only. If you happen to know the way, can you share it with me? Thanks.

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Siddhant Dange
Siddhant Dange on 16 Jul 2021
I am assuming you want to see the signal value for vehicle speed i.e. in Message ID 1552, you want to see the value of vehicle speed. To do so, you would need to do the following steps:
  • Attach a database file using the “Configure -> Database” option in the Vehicle CAN Bus Monitor’s Toolstrip
  • Once your database is attached, you would be able to see the message name in the Name field after the ID e.g. you can see “EngineData” in the above image.
  • Click on the “+” button on the left-hand side of the timestamp of a decoded message to see the value of Engine Speed:
  • Note that you can only do this for messages which are decoded using the DBC-file attached to the configuration. Otherwise, you will see a blank table such as:
For additional features of the Vehicle CAN Bus Monitor, please refer to the doc:
Note that starting R2021a, Vehicle Network Toolbox has launched two more powerful GUIs called as CAN Explorer and CAN FD Explorer, which provide a lot more functionality than the Vehicle CAN Bus Monitor:
Hope that helps,


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