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How to sense if axes is clicked with ButtonDownFcn (GUI)

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Louka Fortin-Sirianni
Louka Fortin-Sirianni on 6 Dec 2020
I'm doing a project and my goal is to do a chess game in matlab's GUI. The problem I'm facing right now is that I can't figure out a way to make the code sense (in real time) if the axes object is clicked on. The best I can do is to implement a pushbutton to display the CurrentPoint on my axes, however, I'd like to make it spontaneous.
I see that with the ButterDownFcn applied on the figure (GUI background) there is a way, since there is a script callback generated for it in the .m file, but not for the specific ButtonDownFcn of the axes object.
I'm not sure if my question is well formulated enough, so let me know if you need more informations, I'd really appreciate it.
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Rik on 9 Dec 2020
It sounds like you are using GUIDE. I would strongly recommend you do not do that.

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