How do I get MATLAB to propery start up on Mac?

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Initially on startup, Matlab would display itself for a moment on the dock (Mac) and then dissapear. I uninstalled and reinstalled Matlab. Now with 2013a installed the initial window square displaying the info about the program will come up and then dissapear. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
When observed through the console, the errors produced were:
([0x0-0x67067].com.mathworks.matlab[2012]) Tried to setup shared memory more than once
[0x0-0x67067].com.mathworks.matlab: Unrecognized MATLAB option "psn_0_421991".
[0x0-0x67067].com.mathworks.matlab: Warning: failed to create preference directory /Users/morgansinko (1)/.matlab/R2013a.
[0x0-0x67067].com.mathworks.matlab: Check directory permissions. ([0x0-0x67067].com.mathworks.matlab[2012]) Exited with code: 1
After searching the web. I came across some advice to create a path to matlab which always results in "permission denied" The same is returned when attempting to go through cd to matlab and then cat >> startup.m . It always just reads "permission denied"
Please help

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 22 Mar 2013
Is your username "morgansinko(1)"? Parenthesis in a username seem odd.
Does the directory /Users/morgansinko(1) actually exist? Can you write there?
Is there a /Users/morgansinko directory that's not being used for some reason? Can you write there?


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