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How can I plot functions on sphere?

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Kavita Goyal
Kavita Goyal on 21 Mar 2013
I have a set of N points on a unit sphere. The Cartesian coordinates of these N points are stored in X (a 3xN matrix). Further I know the value of a function f on these N points in the form of F (1xN vector).
I want to plot my function. I want a figure, like the one which we get using 'surf' function.
Any help?

Answers (1)

Wouter on 21 Mar 2013
Edited: Wouter on 21 Mar 2013
You should probably use convhull to get the connections between the points (vertices):
K = convhull(points);
You can then use patch to draw an image:
patch('vertices',points,'faces',K,'cdata',F); % draw it
axis equal tight vis3d % set axis
view(3) % set camera view to a 3D position
Use help patch to get more details on how to adapt the properties of the 3d plot


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