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binary image access in matlab

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pratibha rane
pratibha rane on 21 Mar 2013
I have binary images(.jpg)I want to access those images successively for training in matlab.How to access it?Is it required to save images in specific format or database? thanks

Answers (1)

Wouter on 21 Mar 2013
if all the files are in the same folder you could use:
pathtofiles = '/path/to/folder/';
allfiles = dir(pathtofiles); % use dir to get the file
% information of directory
selection_of_jpg_files = ~([allfiles.isdir]) % only files that are not (~)
% a directory
for index = find(selection_of_jpg_files)
if strcmp(allfiles(index).name(end-3:end),'jpg') % check if the file is a jpg
IMG = imread(fullfile(pathtofile,allfiles(index).name) % load the file
% now do something with the IMG...


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