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Setting Delays and Opening new Form, Closing old forms in GUI

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Hi all
Is there a way to create a delay (example: 3sec) for a button after pressed in GUI1?
Also, how should I open a new form (GUI2) and close the GUI1 from previous with a button?

Accepted Answer

Wouter on 20 Mar 2013
Edited: Wouter on 20 Mar 2013
you can set a 3 second delay by (this does pause matlab entirely though):
you can open a new gui using:
where GuiFunction is the function name of GUI2
You can close a current gui using:
where figure1 is the label of the current figure window (belonging to gui1).
William on 20 Mar 2013
hi Wouter
for open a new gui, what do you mean by input1,input2,etc...?
because, let's say i have a simple plain GUI1, with a pushbutton (Next) for which it will close GUI1 and open GUI2 with a delay of 3 sec.
William on 20 Mar 2013
haha ok i have just tried and found out that input1 and input2 and etc is not needed for me thus i leave it () empty instead to open new form gui2. once again thanks a lot for the tips!!!

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