Selecting a .txt file from different location

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If i run the following code i can only select a file from the current working folder:
a1 = uigetfile('../Data/*.txt');
fid1 = fopen((a1), 'r');
c1 = textscan(fid1,'%d%f%s%s%d%d%f%d%d','delimiter', ';','HeaderLines',256);
if i select a file from any other folder other than the working folder il get an error:
Error using textscan Invalid file identifier. Use fopen to generate a valid file identifier.
Error in samp1 (line 7) c1 = textscan(fid1,'%d%f%s%s%d%d%f%d%d','delimiter', ';','HeaderLines',256);
please let me know how to solve this

Accepted Answer

Wouter on 20 Mar 2013
You could try this:
[filename, pathname] = uigetfile('*.txt', 'Pick txt file','/Path/to/folder/Data/');
a1 = fullfile(pathname,filename)

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