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how can i open minc image files in matlab

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sandhya gudise
sandhya gudise on 20 Mar 2013
Commented: drummer on 13 Sep 2019
i am doing research on mri brain images.i want to load minc image files into the matlab . plaese help me in this issue.

Answers (2)

Wouter on 20 Mar 2013

Aman Johari
Aman Johari on 6 Oct 2016
I want to know the way to extract various features like those using the graycomatrix as we used to do in the case of the images files. The code in the above link gives the matrix. Or is there any way to convert the mnc into the jpeg format for i am not getting the mri data other than the minc files. tell me the way to work on the mnc file formats like that of the feature extraction and all. Seeking your reply ASAP.


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