How do i plot a bounding box around the output of a Moving object algorithm?

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ive used the background subtraction process to find moving objects from a real time video input and would like to plot the bounding box around only the moving object detected. is it possible??? and can i plot the centroid of the same???

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ChristianW on 17 Mar 2013
With Image Processing Toolbox:
doc regionprops
An example:
BW = imread('text.png'); imshow(BW)
bb = regionprops(BW, {'BoundingBox','Centroid'});
centroids = cat(1, bb.Centroid);
boundingboxes = cat(1, bb.BoundingBox);
hold on
plot(centroids(:,1), centroids(:,2), 'r+')
for k = 1:size(boundingboxes,1)
hold off
Sanjeev on 25 Mar 2013
thanks for that Image Analyst.
i used the centroid code.. But when more than 2 objects come into picture i shld be getting 2 individual centroids rather than 1. how do i modify this?????

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