matlab 2012b licenses problem

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Leo Lin
Leo Lin on 14 Mar 2013
Hello everyone,
I am using matlab2012b which is bought by our department. But just today, I can't use it now. looks like it's due to licenses problem..
Thank you for any reply or suggestions.
Troubleshoot this issue by visiting:
Diagnostic Information:
Feature: MATLAB
License path: /home/r/.matlab/R2012b_licenses:/home/r/MATLAB/R2012b/licenses/license.dat:/home/r/MATLAB/R2012b/lic
Licensing error: -25,147.

Accepted Answer

Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 14 Mar 2013
License issues are best addressed by a call to Technical Support.
I'd guess that if this was working yesterday, though, the first person you should contact is the person who set it up for your department. Sounds like the license may be incorrect or the license file has been altered:
From the documentation for the license server (<>)
-25 License server system does not support this version of this feature.
-147 Bad V80_LK signature.

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Leo Lin
Leo Lin on 14 Mar 2013
thank you, Jason!


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