How to collect a new variable each time a function runs and save it into an array

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Hi, I have a program that is collecting a variable each time it is run through the function (every minute) and it collects a variable called 'VWAP'.
How do I save this data so next time the function runs it will save the new value of the variable in an array so all the values can saved for analysis later?
I was looking at mlock, but I am not sure how to use that to build an array.
Any assistance even directional is appreciated. thanks
function processContracts(contracts, params)
datavwap = IQML('quotes','Symbol','ACB','Fields',{'Bid','Ask','Last','VWAP','time'});

Accepted Answer

Raynier Suresh
Raynier Suresh on 3 Dec 2020
This can be done by using either “Persistent” or “Global” variable.
Refer the below code:
function myFun(x)
persistent n;
n = [n x]
n =
n =
10 12
If in case its necessary to move the variable from the function to base workspace you can use “assignin
Refer the below links for more information:

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