How to pack a mlapp with more sub-folders

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Hello everybody,
I have a code launched by a 'run.m' file which runs the files in a 'code' directory, which reads data in a 'data' directory, 'code' and 'data' are parallel sub-folders of the working one with the 'run.m' file, the only script in the working directory, the rest are in the 'code' sub-drectory
I would like to have a GUI app where the user enters input instructions and launches the 'run.m' fiile.
I have prepared a working GUI, then I have build a MATLAB App Installer to share it, in the process I have linked the two folders.
When I install it in another pc and then run the app, I get the error that the 'code' and 'data' directories do not exist.
So, the question is how can I share a GUI that launches a code reading and running other scripts and functions in other directories, using the app installer? Shall I share separately the sub-folders? Shall I eliminate them?

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Vimal Rathod
Vimal Rathod on 4 Dec 2020
You could refer to the following link to know how to use package your app along with the folders and convert to app installer file.

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