How to hide rows in an excel sheet through Matlab by text name?

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I am viewing an excel sheet through Matlab that has numeric data for various countries, with certain places (i.e. the US) having one row indicating total values for the entire country, and other rows with numeric data for each individual area (state, province, etc.) within the country. I am trying to sum up the values in this sheet for each location, so I only need to collect data on the total values for each country. If I need to call the rows by the country name and not the row positions (i.e. row 40-50) to hide them, how can I do that?
CD11 on 28 Nov 2020
The file is very large so i'm not sure if I can paste it here, but basically the first column is "country," the second is "state" (if it has them), and all other 250+ columns have dates in the first row and values for virus cases in the other cells.

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Vimal Rathod
Vimal Rathod on 1 Dec 2020
It is difficult to use those commands from MATLAB alone. You would need to use ActiveX to use all commands of Excel VBA.
Refer to the following links to know more about it.
To know more about how to use ActiveX server commands refer the following link.

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