Help with the program of creating matrices.

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I felt the code for the formulation of this matrices was pretty tough.
I have matrix [Ji] which is initially 8*1 matrix. which are like J1, J2,...J8 There is a Difference matrix as [diff] which is initially 7*8 matrix
Now i have to find [J'1j] matrix which is initially 7*1
So the equation is step-1: [J'11]=[diff][J1]
Now [J'12] is a 6*1 and [diff] is 6*7 and [J1] as 7*1
Step-2: [J'12]=[diff][J1] in [diff] and [J1] 1st row is removed... this is continued till [J' 18].. and then we find [J'2j] in the same procedure as above. until [j'8j].
It would be highly appriciated for your help with the code in matlab. Really need some help.
Thanks for your time.
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maharaj on 6 Mar 2013
I am finding a [J'ij] matrix at each step. 7*1 initial dimentions. Mistyped it as [J'1j] in the 3rd line.

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Youssef  Khmou
Youssef Khmou on 7 Mar 2013
hi, you did no explain well your problem, try to use these lines :
% OR
J8=diff(J,6) ;J8 has size 1x8

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