Show filtered column of a cell array based on filtered cell header

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I want to show filtered column of a cell array based the header .Im using matlab 2016b
For example i have cell data such as the following. 1st row is the column title that i intend to show as a list item.
data= {'A' ,'B' ,'C';'1', '2', '3';'1' ,'2', '3';'1', '2', '3'}
If user selects A & B
selected={'A' 'B'}
the UItable will show only 1st nd 3rd column only
this should be the result:
showedcolumn= {'A' ,'C';'1', '3';'1' ,'3'' 1', '3'}

Accepted Answer

Setsuna Yuuki.
Setsuna Yuuki. on 25 Nov 2020
Edited: Setsuna Yuuki. on 25 Nov 2020
Hi :D
data= {'A' ,'B' ,'C';'1', '2', '3';'1' ,'2', '3';'1', '2', '3'};
fprintf("input with a space \n") %Example: a b or a c or a b c
x = string(input("",'s'));
x = upper(strsplit(x));
a = contains(data,x);
a = a(1,1:3);
k = find(~a)
t = cell2table(data);
t.Properties.VariableNames = ({'A','B','C'});
t = removevars(t,k)

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