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How to create hatched fill pattern histograms?

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I have to create a plot with two histograms, both normalized through probability, to represent the distribution of an index S in two differenti conditions (a) and (b).
For a better visibility, I would like to add a hatched fill pattern to one of them. Here below there is how the plot looks like without the pattern.


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Bastian Arturo Romero Mardones
Edited: Bastian Arturo Romero Mardones on 22 Nov 2020
You can try with the function in this url:
this is the result:


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Bastian Arturo Romero Mardones
%Example of mathworks
x = randn(2000,1);
y = 1 + randn(5000,1);
h1 = histogram(x);
hold on
h2 = histogram(y);
h1.Normalization = 'probability';
h1.BinWidth = 0.25;
h2.Normalization = 'probability';
h2.BinWidth = 0.25;
applyhatch(gcf,'\x'); %The format for PATTERNS can be
%a string of the characters '/', '\', '|', '-', '+', 'x', '.'
Alessandro Giacetti
Alessandro Giacetti on 23 Nov 2020
Great. It works nicely once you select a suitable couple of patterns to improve the quallity of visualization. The only issue left is that once the second figure is produced, which is the one with the patterns, I can not find a way to increase the axes fontsize and box width, even opening the 'Property Inspector' window.
Bastian Arturo Romero Mardones
If you try it before applying the Applyhatch,maybe it will work.

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