Code completion for toolbox functions

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River Rock
River Rock on 3 Mar 2013
Edited: Oleg Komarov on 10 Jul 2014
I installed the Symbolic Math Toolbox over an existing Matlab 2012a installation and I noticed there is no auto-completion support when typing functions from this toolbox (laplace,ilaplace,ztrans,iztrans etc).
Still, the functions work when called.
I am using a 64bit Arch Linux OS, therefore this might be the root of the problem.
Any suggestion on how to enable the code-completion support?
The pathdef.m file from /opt/MATLAB/.../toolbox/local contains the following lines
matlabroot,'/toolbox/symbolic/symbolic:', ...
matlabroot,'/toolbox/symbolic/symbolicdemos:', ...
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the cyclist
the cyclist on 6 Mar 2013
Have you attempted the tried & true RMRM method (Restart MATLAB & Restart Machine)?

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