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create a bar graph

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Bastian Arturo Romero Mardones
Edited: Bastian Arturo Romero Mardones on 21 Nov 2020
Here there is an example:
c = categorical({'Jan ','feb','March '});
y = [2000 3000 4000];


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Rik on 21 Nov 2020
Even if you aren't a student, this is clearly framed as an assignment, not your own question.
matlab coder
matlab coder on 21 Nov 2020
check the matlab programming for engineers book. you will see its not a assignment or exam question. ı study on my own and ı share the question that ı couldnt find a way to solve. ı suggest you to think one more time before judge people, and also this is not your instagram page, you cant decide what ı will share!!! its not cheating, and ı am not student!
Rik on 21 Nov 2020
I'm not judging you personally. I also don't see why it would be bad to be a student. I'm not claiming this forum as my personal space and I have only fairly limited means to enforce any standard. Those limited options were granted to me through the reputation system and Mathworks can decide at any moment to take them away. I have not edited away any part of this discussion.
I do not claim you are cheating, merely that this looked to me like homework and it is better to give a man a fishing rod than a fish.
If you are interested in the reasons why, they are outlined in the guidelines for posting homework questions. The same reasons apply to homework assignments you have assigned yourself.

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