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How to collect cumulative coverage for model and it's subsystem?

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I'm running separate test harnesses for model and it's subsystem. How can i combine coverage resuts?
P.S. I saw this page and it works only if hanesses made for the same model. In my case, there test harness fo model ans separate test harness for it's subsystem.

Accepted Answer

Pat Canny
Pat Canny on 19 Nov 2020
We added a feature in R2019b to enable "aggregated" coverage for a model and its subsystems. Does this help?
Oleksandr Denysenko
Oleksandr Denysenko on 19 Nov 2020
As i understood it helps to aggregate coverage from test harnesses for the same model, am i correct?
But i have one test harness for model and another one for subsystem in this model (link to subsystem in model). Is it possible to aggregate these cogerage?
Pat Canny
Pat Canny on 23 Nov 2020
I should clarify that the feature we added in R2019b assumes the tests are organized using Simulink Test.
Coverage from test cases for a subsystem (which can be generated from a test harness) can be aggregated along with the coverage from the parent model (our documentation calls tests on the parent model "integration tests"). Here is a link to an example:
The goal with this feature is to enable users to see how much coverage they achieved at the unit (subsystem) and system level. Our customers use a variety of definitions for "unit", and we decided the best approach was to use a test case in Simulink Test as the mechanism to preserve hierarchy. You can create a test case from a test harness:

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