creating subplots and reading from xls or txt

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lala on 27 Feb 2013
I have a text file that has bunch on x and y coordinates. 10 columns vs. 5 rows.
i want to create subpots of col1-col2, col1-col3, col1-col4, and so on till col1-col10.
some background: At first, i wrote separate matlab programs for each plot but now i see how useless that is and i want to combine them all to one program and have subplots instead. Also, to have my program read the data from an excel doc.
Here is part of my program (for now, just reading the doc and creating plot) which of course doesnt work properly.
fid = fopen('AngleVsDist.txt');
input = fscanf(fid, '%25e',[3, inf]);
format bank
angle = input(:, 1);
p1 = input(:, 2);
plot (angle, p1, '*')
Ill appreciate help. Thanks, LaLa~

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