Timer stop delay problem

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Julien on 26 Feb 2013
Hi Everybody,
I'm building a GUI that allow me to replay some bench datas. To do so, I have included a timer object that refresh the display.
I have a pause button that stops the timer and play button that runs the timer again (at the last time paused).
I also have a popup menu that allow me to select what datas I want to load. Pause and play button works fine and datas selection works fine if I pause the timer first.
The problem is that when I select an other data file without using the pause button, the timer stops after my callback function. Then, all datas modification is erased by previous ones, although in my callback I stop the timer before loading the datas.
Do you have any idea to solve the problem ? (wait function does not work with infinite taskToExecute property)
Thanks a lot for your help

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