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Which toolbox should I use?

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Tyler McKean
Tyler McKean on 15 Nov 2020
Answered: Deepak Meena on 18 Nov 2020
Hey Matlab Community,
I'm a senior electrical engineer student looking for some insight on which Matlab toolbox I should use for my senior design project. To summarize, I'm helping design an Underground Networked Sensors system that will use vibration sensors to detect unauthorized activity like digging, trespassing, underground tunneling, etc.. The purpose is to interpret and sample the vibration data and then use a signal recognition algorithm that could compare the data to a predefined signal library of which I will also be helping with capturing. So, my main concern is finding which Matlab toolbox will offer me the most useful functions/algorithms to help me customize my own and apply it to this project. From my own research, I've looked into the DSP and the Signal Processing toolbox. The Signal Processing toolbox seems like the best open with its Machine Learning classifications for audio signals, which isn't too far off from what my project covers. Although, the DSP looks just as enticing as well. I'm hoping someone in the community can offer me some insights on which toolbox would benefit my circumstances the most since these toolkits cost a pretty penny. Thanks everyone
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dpb on 15 Nov 2020
I thought toolboxes came pretty cheaply with the student version?

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Answers (1)

Deepak Meena
Deepak Meena on 18 Nov 2020
Hi Tyler,
The Signal Processing (SP) Toolbox is a prerequisite for the DSP System Toolbox. In general, you can think of the SP Toolbox as providing "entry-level" signal processing functionality and filter design capability, while the DSP System Toolbox builds upon this to provide more advanced capabilities, such as fixed-point support, OOP-based workflows, code generation/rapid prototyping, and Simulink blocks.
The table below gives a high level overview of the differences between the two products:
Hope it answers your question


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