How to import the array format values in simulink one by one?

4 views (last 30 days) I want to import data of array in to my model,,,in the above link i am importing three values to simulink block,,,but rather i want to import like a(1,1)for first time calculation a(1,2) for second time,,like this i want to import rather importing a,, how to do this?
Arun Badigannavar
Arun Badigannavar on 25 Feb 2013
No,,,I mean *Import for first time mean that*I want a (1)for one time simulation based on some condition,,,second time if i want to do simulation it should take a value based on some logic which i have

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Accepted Answer

TAB on 25 Feb 2013
You can use Signal Routing/Index Vector block to select the elements of array.

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